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A WOLF is a nature lover from Mauritius. Getting accustomed to musical realm at a young age, he discovered his passion for sound. His musical journey allowed him to transmit sound waves through what he perceived from within and surroundings.

After his passage through the Melbournian scene, his musical influence kept growing, where he experienced the psychedelic and underground scenes. His musical style goes through Variations within the realm of Techno, Peak/Driving Techno, Minimal, Psy-Tech, Dark Progressive and Psy-Ambiant. Ever since, the love kept evolving with the warmness and transfusion of perpetual sound frequencies and gatherings.

Being a trend-setter, he has a unique versatile style of mixing with an organic touch, whereby any listener would start travelling to their secret garden with the frequencies and vibrations that are emitted.

He has featured in line-ups along with some great artists, to mention a few: StayFan B, Sour0ne, Grouch, Rollercoaster/Gao, Jossie Telch, Clarel.L, Breger, Merkaba, Jossie Telch, Ryanosaurus, Sensient, Kryptamine, Kromagon, Sumiruna, Brojanowski, HypoGeo, Ken ZO, M.E.Z.Z.L.E, Din Sirius/Organ, Spectrum, Shadow Hunter, Chopstick, Gaia Groove, Katalyzer, Naurah, Darkoid, Matias, VJ Tribalist …

Appearance in gigs such as

• Nebula (2022)
• Awakening Tribe (2022)
• Labyrinth (2022)
• SoundWise (2022)
• Epitome (2022)
• Ancient Tribe (2022)
• The Luminous Forest (2020)
• Kromagon 432 Hz (2019)
• SeEed (2017)
• Altered Perception (2016)
• Eureka Jamz Festival(2015)
• Weird Alien Music (2014)
• Dance For the Future (2013)



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