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„It’s about the music and not about how you look or what you do.
You don’t have to be in the spotlight.”

APHE is far from promoting himself, what drives him is the sheer joy of music, performing and discovering new places. Due to this reason, the chalice moved to me (a close friend) and all I can say is: good guy!
APHE, performs as a DJ and produces his own music – his sets and tracks are detailed, mystical, playful, melodic, bass-heavy, going forward and combine dark, heavy rhythms and driving baselines with a melodic, yet melancholic, touch. From Dark Minimal to Techno, he creates an uncompromising club atmosphere, always varied and diverse.
This dear person has already brought and performed his artistic outlet internationally, for example in Poland at “Pötzlich am Meer” Festival, in Mauritius or in Montreal, Canada.
The output is enormous: almost every day a new track is created in his home studio in Essen or he is working on one – these can be found on labels such as Subios Records, Soupherb Records, Music4Aliens, ALPAKA MUZIK or Copycow.
APHE has many years of stage experience, knows small, smoky techno basements as well as large festival stages.
A well-balanced, warm hearted guy who can always tell a funny story from his colorful life. He is all about the music and the joy of sharing it with others – and the music is heavy!


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