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Resident DJ of the German music label Glitchy.Tonic.Records. During his time on the label he released three compilations:
Hypno.Tembr and Fractal Tales (1,2), which includes tracks of the world-famous trance musicians. His work on the label has not gone unnoticed and Dmitry is now also signed in English-Australian label Insonitus records.

Having a lot of fellow musicians/DJs around the world and supporting music labels ensures that Asygen always has unheard and unreleased tracks for his performances. In addition to trance music he collects vinyl techno records of a deep and hypnotic sound. Organizer, DJ of Te4enie – techno parties in Moscow Region. Co-Founder of Touched music – promo group who oriented on hypnotic techno parties with known artists from the labels: Semantica, PoleGroup, Midgar, The Gods Planet, Hypnus and etc. As a DJ he played in the Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, India, regularly performs in Russia.

Glitchy.Tonic.Records (label DJ)
Touched (Co-Founder, DJ)
Insonitus Records (label DJ)
Te4enie (Co-Founder, DJ)
Music collector (Vinyl, CD)

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