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Biscorondo is an interuniversal musical experience based on the thought and action of Eduardo Vieira. Brazilian, musician since the age of 14, brings in his productions ideas from different experiences, resulting in an odd dark progressive.

Kadu Rauth Hidalgo, known as KADUM was born in 1990 in the city of Curitiba-PR. Since he was a little boy, his artistic side has been developing, as he had a piano at home.

With the encouragement of his family, at the age of 12 he got a saxophone. He had his first contact with Psychedelic Trance in 2006, in the PVT’s that happened in the region.

He then decided to explore ways to express his purest feelings through art and music. He delved deeper into his creations using „Ableton Live“ from December 2007 onwards.

Acting in the nightlife of Curitiba in several bands as a saxophonist, he develops his electronic music project in parallel. He is currently studying Bachelor of Popular Music at FAP (Faculty of Arts of Paraná), always in continuous learning.

His piano and saxophone skills combined with his refined taste, brought a great difference to his music. Basslines‘ groove reflects their Jazz/Funk influence, creating their own style within Progressive Psychedelic.

Psychedelic melodies create pleasant atmospheres and new environments for whoever is in front of the speakers. Since 2010 he has been part of the Line Up of the best parties and festivals in Curitiba and region, among them:

Psilocybin, Fusion Festival, Tandava Gathering, Terra Azul Festival, Progressive, Digital Nature, Anaychay, Vollmond among others, performing alongside great artists, both national and international.

He is in a moment of great ascension, receiving invitations from several centers to promote his art, having participated in festivals such as Mundo de OZ (SP), Terra em Transe (BA), Celebratiohm (RJ), Revolution (SC), Soul Vision (SP).

In mid-2015, he went on his first international tour, performing at festivals and nightclubs in Austin-Texas-USA. Representing Curitiba, and being the only representative of Kinematic Records here in Brazil, in 2014 he released his first EP for the Australian label that follows a more melodic line of psy-trance, combining orchestral sounds with electronic music.

He uses organic elements like didgeridoo, flutes, and saxophone in his Live-Act. He stands out wherever he goes, for his authenticity, humility, and for being able to imprint his personality on his creations.

His charisma and interaction with the audience make his presentations much more fun.

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