Dark Techno


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I have been listening to electronic music for about 2 years and participating in underground parties,
But it was not in my head to enter the world of DJing.
One night, by chance, one of my friends, who was a DJ, came to my house and she had a DJ co
ntroller with her.

I casually went behind the machine out of curiosity and just touched the controller
Energy entered me and a spark was struck in me that I should enter this fascinating world
And from that night, I entered the world of DJs, looked for a suitable teacher, bought a control
ler, and started practicing.

And now in our country, with all the restrictions and illegality of our work, we are recognized a
s criminals and we have to conduct our activities in secret locations, such as holding an event..

But at the moment we are trying to work at the global level and say that we are iranian under
ground Artistsone day My friends and I will become stars In difficulties and limitations…
Since I entered this world, I found a way to communicate with the universe and I found the mo
st beautiful phenomena in this world, namely love.

I hope one day I can spread the energy of love to the whole world with music


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