Psy Bass Music


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Golan Aflalo from Jerusalem (Israel), presently living in Berlin.

He is a true nomadic sonic warrior, playing constantly all over the globe and in all major festivals.
Known for his special diverse mixup of psychedelic bass, breaks and electronic chill out sounds.

Golan created his DJ project on 2011 when he started to preform & organize underground bass events in Tel Aviv.
In 2012 he joined forces with Enigmatik records (Australia) as a label DJ showcasing his taste and style of music.

Dj Bayawaka / Golanski are the projects of Golan Aflalo.
Wether it’s his Broken beats, psybass, breaks or his dark deep Progressive trance music, his signature sounds in each genre is sure to get you moving on the dancefloor.

Contact & Booking :
also known as @golanskidj

working as a dj label in Shanti Planti, Merkaba Music & Enig’matik Records

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