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F.i.e.t.e is the DJ/producer an CEO of DHRK-SONIK.NET based in Switzerland Kanton Zug.

In year 1990, he was at the begining on start. Where several club and festival sessions with Jeff Mills, Neil Landstrumm, Christian Vogel, Torsten Kanzler, Heiko Laux made the party walls shake !

Ages later he found darkpsy on Freqs of Nature, MO:DEM, Master of Puppets, Fusion, etc. Since F.i.e.t.e established his first darkpsy project 2018, which focuses on progressive, psychedelic darkpsy.

Sources of endless Inspiration are for him:

Kliment, Breger, NOID, Radioactive.Cake, Allien Instinkt, Hefty, DJ Golanski, DeKai, Skallen, Dark Side, Pad Zadik, Noctusense, Tarti, pHaSenVerScHiEbunG and many more…

He also decidet to make a webradio in year 2021. Where lockdown comes up and all clubs had closed. That was point of no return. He react 24/7 webradio only for dark electronic underground music is under us! So DHRK-SONIK.NET was born.

Together with the team members CHEZZ, METASPLOIT, CHRIS CORNER & DJ JOY running exclusive DHRK-SONIK.NET 24/7 electronic underground webradio and broadcast international.

F.i.e.t.e. next releases on:

Point Zero

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