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The project «FISCHMEHL» started 2010 after his first travel to Thailand, during which he attended to many progressive psytrance parties. After a motorbike accident in Koh Phangang he went with the crisp on the hand to the fullmoon party and was paintet with fluorescence colours.

The colours and the crisp became one and were not possible to wash off. A few days after when going to dive a big swarm of fish was following him because they were attracted by the colours – thats how the name FISCHMEHL was born.

At that time he already was techno producer and dj for more than 10 years and after discovering the magic of the “Psycedelic Wonderland” continued full power into this direction! Since then his sound production and DJ sets are known for hypnotic sounds with pumping basslines, deep narcotic patterns and a touch of an utopic (underwater / space / sci-fiction) atmosphere.

Through his passion for music and psytrance parties he travels to festivals, partys & clubs bringing the dancefloor to high temperatures.

He has been playing sets in India, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia sharing the stage with psytrance popstars like Vini Vici, Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Liquid Soul, Bubble, Bliss, Solar Kid, Kabayun, Spirit Architect and many more.

Nowadays his style is flexible depending on the people, time and space switching from PsyTechno to Progressive, Full On, Twilight or Forest trying to create magic and epic moments and connect with the oneness of the universe. He released the “AGORI EP” with Zenflow in 2019 on the US Label “Psytribe Records” based in Los Angeles.

Their second release on this label is called “Sirius EP” and came out in December 2020, it climbed to #2 of the beatport charts. In Jannuary 2022 he released the “Valhalla EP” with Flowwolf. His newest Single „The Borg“ with Twisted Aura came out on “Omaha Records Mexico” in November.

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