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Dj Giuseppe is the founder/owner and manager of Parvati Records, the well known twisted/forest psychedelic-trance music Label founded in Denmark in year 2000.

Since then Giuseppe & Parvati Records are a constant presence in the global psy-trance community with more then 100 releases on the catalogue and with a group of 36 Producers and Djs from all over the world.

The last many winters Dj Giuseppe has been based in Goa becoming there one of the most loved resident Djs and building up a huge network inside the global trance community. The Music and the Label have brought him around the world, giving him the chance to play from small intimate parties to the biggest gatherings in so far more then 50 Lands of the 5 Continents.

The sets of Dj Giuseppe are known to be always different and adapting to the dance-floors and the situations he finds himself in: his book of music is for sure one of richest and most complete in the Psy-Trance scene.

Since 2012 he also collaborates with many Festivals as Stage Manager: OZORA, Modem, 7 Chakras, Atman, Free Earth Festival and more.

Parvati Records is an independent record label founded in Denmark during the summer 2000.
Our aim is to support artists and producers of electronic-psychedelic music and our goal is to discover and present quality music to party people all around the world.

We are always looking for new talented artists, so if you create deep twisted psychedelic tracks for the dancefloor, you are welcome to send us a demo of your tunes.
Contact: shakti@parvati-records.com

Thanks to all the friends and people who are helping and supporting the label !

Psychedelically Yours Parvati Records

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