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Hey guys,

i am really proud to present a very new episode of the Global Grooves Radioshow.
For this show i invited a really special artist. I just love what she is doing!
Here some facts out of her BIO she is telling you:

„I dreamed of making music back in the 70s. At that time I was an absolute Hard Rock fan and I loved the
sound of Status Quo and AC/DC later on. I always wanted to play electric guitar and I kept bugging my
parents about it until they finally bought me a cheap Strat copy and a small amp in a departement store.
I was then the guitarist in our school band. We played the songs of our idols and partly our own. No one
new notes, everything by ear. We were well known in our town and had a great time.
Then in the 80s funk and soul music made me sit up and take notice. This driving groovy sound had done it
to me. I was by chance (in the early 80s) Djane in a small disco in our town and played the popular disco,
soul and funk hits of the 70s and 80s.
That was also the time when i first got in touch with sythesizers. We still had our band and one day we had
a keyboard player. He had a Yamaha synth that caught my attention. And then came the time of synth pop
with Depeche Mode, Human League, Duran Duran, just to name a few.
I don’t remember exactly when I first came aware of techno music. Artists like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve
Stoll, Richie Hawtin, K.Hand etc. flashed me with their minimalist sound. The sound of the drummachines
that was so incredibly on point and those blubbing basslines and never heard before sounds and
rhythms…outstanding! That’s what I wanted to do.
But I always torn between Techno (Detroit, Minimal, Acid) and House music (Acid house, Chicage, New York,
Vocal, Minimal).
I put together a small setup with Atari computer, Steinberg Cubase, Roland D20, Juno 106, TR-707, Akai
S700 and various outboard, mixer and speakers. That’s how it started with electronic music and ended in
1999. I sold everything, did nothing for 10 years. This was for family reasons.
In 2009 it started again, but only in the box. Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live and so on.
That was fun, but I was always dissatisfied with the results.
I can’t do arrangements, that’s horror for me. I love to jam and with software and controllers I didn’t enjoy
So I bought hardware again. Elektrons, Volcas, Roland Airas and some more. But I wasn’t happy with all the
great gear.
I knew that modular synths and eurorack existed, but never believed that this would be something for me.
And then it happened: I watched a YT video in which someone was doing techno music with his eurorack
system. I was blown away and immediately excited, but I didnt know how it worked.
I had no idea about the individual modules and their functions, because I didn’t know how a synth is built,
not to mention synthesis.
So I first bought a case. This stood unused in the room for one year, because I didn’t know with which
modules I shoul start.
After watching a lot of YT vids and tutorials, I’ve started with the construction of the system. And I could
make sounds, but they were far from techno 😉
It was a very long way and I paid a lot of dues. But with the eurorack system I have found my ideal

Please give a warm welcome to the Global Grooves Family for THE TUNEGIRL!

I hope you like his sound as much as i do!

Enjoy the music.

Looking forward to hearing you.

Your Ben

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