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A perfect connection resulting from the combination of two individuals, fragmented with Techno components, ranging from hypnotic to Psychedelic sounds.
hybriid is born, to explore the multiple musical spheres and to provoke the process of conceptions, with the infinite ranges of tones.
hybriid, an evolutionary and conceptualized variation.

VeroniKa & Oliver, duo in life and behind the decks since 8 years, founders of the Awsum Kulture movement, music event producer active in Montreal scene, had already performed
B2B in many festivals and huge events like Piknic Electronik, Eclipse Festival, Future Forest, Timeless, Illusion, Totem, Portail, Good Vibes, Freak Paradize, Wild Summer Festival, their
identity hybriid.
A conceptualized project who puts forward the rich and varied world of Techno, from Hypnotic to Psychedelic. Between the 2, an infinite world of possibilities, allowing each
performance to produce a new hybriid unique and energetic version, from this merge between styles and musical universes.


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