Dark Techno

Joshan S

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Bio- Born in Mauritius, Joshan S is an electronic music enthusiast who started experimenting with music in 2019, while a few other trends were blooming during the pandemic. The situation has positively impacted the way he fancies and appreciates music. Joshan S was influenced by many international artists as well as local ones. Some of his favorites are Tim Taste, James Phillips, Breger, Aphe, Elmar Strathe, Gaga Mateo, Christian Craken, Reza Golroo, Javiis, Earl Grau, Gruener Starr, Oli Versum, Occer, Niukid, Rosper, Paul Neary, John Haden, Hc Kurtz, LSDP, Kliment, Luis M, Pspiralife, Evil Oil Man, Jossie Telch, Ken Zo, Stephan B, Mezzle and many more. His travel experiences have also been a great influence on his music venture.

From Minimal techno to Psytech, he covers a great range of mixing styles. It has been a privilege for him playing music for private parties organised by close friends but his big debut on the local scene started in the middle of 2020 with a massive support. Since then his passion for music evolved into a new adventure and it has opened a new way of thought. He is currently redefining his Dj skills through more practice and djing courses.

All that Joshan S wants is to simply win the happy crowd, by keeping the energy level of any event high!

‚Vibe high through music‘

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