Kane Roth

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Another musical project since February 2020 , dark ambient, alternative under Eva Edgen :

Her passion to electronic music inflamed in the beginnings of the nineties. The rapid progress of her skills enabled her from 1996 to 1999 a residency in one of the first electronic music clubs in South France. With her artist name Kane Roth she appeared on the techno landscape in 2006 with a subtle release on Swiss techno Neopren Recordings, and ever since then, she’s been dipping her hand into the minimal basket to whip up a release, sporadically coming out with releases on techno powerhouse labels such as Canada’s Archipel, London’s Multi Vitamins, Belgium’s Lessizmore and Germany’s Smallroom Music. But with no signs of slowing down, the beauty has only just begun to let us hear her beast.
She’s bringing up the female forefront, we can’t deny that there’s something going on in that
side of the gene pool. France, quietly creating techno monsters in its historical depths and making
waves with its fantastic clubs, has created another monster – except this one far more beautiful and
subtle than some of its peers.
Kane Roth is continually evolving as an artist, combining her wide range of infuences into her own
music, creating a unique personal sound, blending rich textures, melodies and intricate programming with dark bass and groove.Her music doesn’t shut out anyone. Behind each title, there’s always astory, something that was felt in the silence and she transmits repeatedly to us.
Her musical career is a symbiotic combination of producing and DJing.In addition to playing numerous clubs and events throughout France and Europe,


Vinyls & Digital and remixes

//2015// The Black Cube- Elektrotribe
//2014// Late night talk – Various_Elektrotribe
//2014// The talking machine – elevate
//2013// Listen to the wisper – waveform recordings
//2013// Little helpers 82 – Little helpers
//2012// Inside the Machine – Various artists – Klectik records
//2012 //Inside the Machine – various artists – Klectik records
//2012// Beatbox ep – Numbolic
//2012// Little Helpers 30 – Little helpers
//2011// My floating garden ep – Klectik records
//2010// Tac au tac ep – Front records
//2010// V/A – Dangy original mix – Monocline
//2010// Suspicious mind – Smallroom music
//2009// Escape – Compile Platinium – Shingez recording
//2009// Fulness ep – Groom records
//2009// Kamasutra ep – Serie noire02 – Lessizmore
//2008// Stimulus ep – Lessizmore
//2008// Ambiant loops – Assignement – Archipel
//2008// Beep me – V/A Overview – Lessizmore
//2007// Pour toi – V/A Multi vitamins
//2007// Fly away ep – Multivitamins
//2006// Cooling ep- Neopren 04
//2016 // Queen Queens_Patrik Berg – Sui Generiz label ( Kane Roth remix)
//2015// Hard money_Pepe Mateos- Flow music ( Kane Roth remix)
//2015// Anderson Noise- Madame Blavatsky_Noise music ( Kane Roth remix)
//2015// Raston- Jean Perre- Serkal ( Kane Roth remix)
//2015// my addiction – Frezel -Jannovizt records ( Kane Roth remix)
//2014// Stay Out Here –The Knife – Rabid records ( Kane Roth remix)
//2014// Thomas T Anish – Yha neth- – Finefood records ( Kane Roth remix)
//2012// Come back – Saso Recyd – Sui generez
//2011// Creed the advent, Hugo paixao & jason fernadez ( Kane Roth remix)
//2011// Shiromonaki – Kohra ( Kane Roth remix)
//2011// Viraga – Steve lorenz – Absolutive records ( Kane Roth remix)
//2010// Get away from here – Re:Axis – Monocline ( Kane Roth remix)
//2010// harry loves you – Hadrien – Smallroom ( Kane Roth remix)
//2009// Clockwork – Heron – Ministate ( Kane Roth remix)
//2009// Lluvia – Gastspiel ( Kane Roth remix)
//2009// Lluvia – VA- Doppelgeanger ( Kane Roth remix)
//2009// Roberto Mario – Suedmilch – Herzklopfen ( Kane Roth remix)
//2008// My lovely moustache – Le Cantin – Archipel051 ( Kane Roth remix)

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