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Katja is one of the dj’s in the underground techno club HALL in Tallinn, which has been a place for free thinking for Estonian clubbers, resident DJ of ISOLA series.
She has been playing alongside artists like Marcell Dettman, Newa, Sigha, DVS1, Antigone, Francoise X, Thomas Hessler, Dr Rubinstein and other internationals.
Katja has been playing internationally at parties in Tampere, Riga, Milano and Berlin. She hosts a monthly internet-radio show PERSONAL SPACE, at online community IDA RADIO in Tallinn and Helsinki.
Katja Adrikova started investigating sound already in her early teens as a way to express herself to connect with others. Inspired by industrial, techno and electronic music genres at parties in Tallinn and Berlin, she started regularly playing in 2009.
Katja’s sets filled with oozing techno and industrial sound mixed with emotion she doesn’t leave any room for staying put.
She found her techno audience when playing at MÜRK series and gathered local and international recognition. She moves sensitively between different electronic genres like techno, breaks, electro, dub-techno and creating a captivating, poignant and playful experience for the listeners.


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