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Born and raised in Switzerland (Lugano), Jakopo Zanini aka J-Ack began playing in small amateur parties in the Ticino woods at the age of 16 (2008) with his project DJset Psy Prog.

At 18, needing new stimuli and realizing that he had no possibility of growth in Ticino, he decided to participate in an event of one of the labels that dominated the Milanese scene, Creative Jungle Records.

From that moment, alongside artists such as Yatzee, Biomekaniks, Brainstalker, Thomas darker, Sonic System, etc. (native label mates), participates as an artist in DJset for 13 years and shares the console with the greatest artists of the scene of the moment such as Yabba Dabba, Fagins Reject, Virtuanoise, Terranoise, Spectralis, Ace Ventura, Cosmosis, Crazy Astronout, Dust , Mole, Rinkadink and many many others.

He also performs on some of the most coveted world-class festival stages e.g. Psy-FI festival in 2015. Precisely in that year he decided to start producing his own music, thus opening the KAWABOONGA project in 2019. In the meantime, given the lack of quality events in Ticino, he opened the PADMA RENAISSANCE TRIBE with his two greatest friends Fabio Arreghini aka “Mindwhell“ and Ferdinando Quero aka “Masterkaos“ (Jakopo’s adventure companion since the beginning of his career).

With this team Jakopo becomes a stage technician (Audio and Lights), buys his first Sound System and begins to organize events with large-caliber artists such as U-recken, Avalon, Ritmo, Atma, etc. thus continuing to pursue all his passions in unison: being a technician, creating events from scratch and musical production. 2023 is the year of the debut of the KAWABOONGA project, participating with several unscheduled events in practically all the festivals of the Italian scene among the greatest artists of the moment and a festival in Tunisia, where he met Yondo and Lorca, who signed KAWABOONGA as a member LIVE in HUNAB KU RECORDS (German and Mexican Label).

At the same time abandoning his native label for various factors, he also decides to take part in PULSONIQUE RECORDS (Small Label from Zurich) and MERKABA CREW (Crew a Jakopo very dear from Turin as they are great friends and organizers of a festival that entered them in the heart and in which he finally actively participates as a LIVE artist in 2023 “Taurus/Atlas Connection“). To date Jakopo continues to follow his dream, thus obtaining good professional results by producing his Hitech non Hitech super happy at 180bpm working with several of his artist friends such as Dayalix, Bipolar, SwoopaLoops and many others.

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