Dark Progressive


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Since 2010, KROMAGON has pursued the vision to uncover the true essence of Dark Progressive, thus defining a new era of the genre. By 2012, KROMAGON was recognized by the internationally-renowned label Zenon Records, becoming the very first label artist in the USA. Since then, he has been eagerly received by some of the most prestigious events world-wide like Boom Festival, Modem, Freqs Of Nature, and Masters of Puppets.

He delivers deep journeys with driving basslines using surgically technical precision and undeniably crisp production. The listener cannot resist but to be spellbound by the grimly psychedelic sound effects and intoxicated by neo-apocalyptic atmospheres. You’ll undoubtedly hear the underlying influences of alternate styles like metal, industrial and electronic genres such as EBM and old school tech-trance.

KROMAGON invites a new era of dancers to accompany him on a journey through a futuristic and introspective soundscape. With his ability to provide serious mental stimulation and energetic movement, listeners may invigorate their psyche, opening hidden portals within themselves and the dance floor. KROMAGON truly evokes an unparalleled rapturous psychedelic experienced.



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