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aka ○Lionel Messy aka ○Kasparov Kasalla
aka ○Erkan Alles aka ○Izmir Lax aka ○V.R..

The sound of Laxberger is complex and not easy to grasp. Somewhere between wide-ranging minimal spectacles, basses full of endless depths and precise tech-house cuts, he captivates us to forget to go home.. Heads on, heads out, heads down, whatever! Laxberger cares for us. Not intrusive or too clever by half, but empathic, accompanying and creative. His hometown Dortmund plus the tangible influences from his hip-hop background had massive impact on his style even so they never restricted his nature. His sets are variable, open, and full of contrarieties forging a harmonic equilibrium. His intentions are unadapted and demanding. Music as therapeutic remedy to leave the messy world of thoughts behind and yet to answer frequently asked questions with ease. sometimes offensive, sometimes composedly, but always opportunely and geared to the needs of the present crowd. Laxberger kicks in doors so we just have to go through.. See you on the floor! <

Club Charlotte (Münster)
Crowd & Rüben Festival (Münster)
Dr. Vogel (Osnabrück)
Druckluft (Oberhausen)
Freiraumtanz Openair (Dortmund)
Fusion Festival (Lärz)
Haselhorst13 (Berlin)
Heinz Gaul (Köln)
Herr Walter (Dortmund)
Indiego Glocksee (Hannover)
Jala Jungle (Beit Jala)
Jonny Knüppel (Berlin)
Kabareet (Haifa)
Katzensprung Festival (Kierspe)
Klunkerkranich (Berlin)
Kobolde Openair (Köln)
Le Grand (Dortmund)
LBB (Maastricht)
Maschinerie (Dortmund)
Matrix (Bochum)
Mensch Meier (Berlin)
MoynMoyn Festival (Oyten)
MS Treue (Bremen)
Nachtigall (Köln)
Odonien (Köln)
Oma Doris (Dortmund)
One Love Festival (Filisur)
Papa Smith Festival (Eschwege)
Radio (Ramallah)
Refshaleøen (Kopenhagen)
Rotunde (Bochum)
Rummelsbucht (Berlin)
Same Same But Different Openair (Köln)
Schumacher Club (Bochum)
Sputnikhalle (Münster)
Station Endlos (Halle)
Studio db (Berlin)
Tonstudio (Dortmund)
UClub (Wuppertal)

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