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Lexand Biography:

Lexand is a Bolivian dj/producer characterized by his techno productions with hypnotic and progressive vibes.

His drummer spirit can be appreciated on his mixes, dj sets and productions which tend to be highly rhythmic and energetic.

He has signed with labels from Germany, Rusia, France, Turkey, Mexico, Greece, Bolivia and his productions can be found on labels such as Voltage Records, Music4Aliens Black, PDD Tamed, Smashead Records, HEARec, VOLX and Ohm Resistance.

He has also collaborated with guest mixes for Plazma Records, Balance, Smashead, Limited Liability, Audioreaktor and San Pedro Music which can be translated in more than 7 years of techno passion and commitment.

Lexand’s adventure though electronic music started back on early 2000’s and has been evolving since, conforming one of Bolivia’s most reliable talent.


01. Nightcrawlers EP (Rebellious 2017)
02. Interconnection (Single – Bombitas del Sur, SPM 2018)
03. Irreversible Damage EP(SPM 2019)
04. Gratitude (Single – HEARec 2019)
05. SexMind – Internal (Lexand Remix) (Internal Remixes,Audioreaktor 2020)
06. Through The Portal EP(Cuxta Rec. 2020)
07. ANNA V. – Dark Energy (Lexand Remix) (The Dark Energy Remixes, Voltage 2020)
08. MK31 (Single – Aliens Selection Vol.2, M4ABlack 2020)
09. Stoner (Single – Ohm Resistance 2020)
10. Nebulosa (Single- UIFE 2021)
11. Hasta Que Estamos (Engineering Samples 2021 Contest)
12. This Moment(Single – Artists in Action 2021)
13. Impulse EP(SMSH 2022)
14. What about that! EP (PDD Tamed 2022)
15. Cobra (Single – HEARec 2022)
16. Sentient EP (VOLX 2022)





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