Matthias Saihttam

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Matthias Saihttam of Southern origin, born June 24, 1987, to start taking a liking for music, from the earliest age. Open to any universe but already has a preference for electronic music. He does music theory and two years of drums.
Later he follows a DJ training that he succeeds successfully. From there, he starts working as a DJ in different clubs. After a break of three years, he decides to devote himself to techno, which makes him passionate that he is today. Now a new adventure begins, one he has always wanted, composed and dedicated entirely to his passion “THE TECHNO”.
Today, he has produced several EP available on SPOTIFY, SOUNCLOUND, BEATPORT, YOUTUBE … that he signed with different Labels ” DZB RECORDS, SPLICED VINYL RECORDS, TECHNOLOGICAL RECORDS… He has performed at RADIO CLAPAS in Montpellier,RAVINGFM in allemagne, and this not even a year.
Techno / Hard Techno memory show, Coming soon.
in this 3rd year, in techno, Matthias Saihttam has just signed with a big techno label, FreshcutLabel by Marika Rossa

discover his latest EP ACID, on beatport, soundcloud, spotify, is all platforms download or streaming .

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