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Metasploit is continuously working with passion on international remixing collaborations and his own new releases.

Metasploit focus on producing mainly. He is also artistmanger \ Resident @ DHRK-SONIK.NET. He is straight connected to well known international acts.

In his career Metasploit played a lot live on several club events. He made own club events as resident @ zeitwerk, played on subculture partys, organized illegal partys under bridges or bunker and industrial floors and also outdoors.

Metasploit already played on biggest festival event for forward thinking show at universo parallelo brazil, with acts like Boris Brejcha, DXTR-LAB and Khainz and Grouch. Metasploit brings in his productions genres like dark techno, techno, minimal, deep tech and a touch of progressive dark psy elements and their sub genres into a powerfull, unique productions.

As within his DJ sets, he hynotize the crowd, heatup the peaklevel to maximum and keep the crowd flying and dancing with his fine grained, soundsculptures under continuous development.

Metasploit released with: Monococ, Christian Hornbostel, Khainz, BOHO, Lampé, Carbon, Peter Groskreutz, Tim Taste, APHE, Luis M, Dani Sbert, Alberto Ruiz, PEKU, Damian Fischer, Multi Tul, Egomorph, Reza Golroo, Eme Kulhnek, Markus Volker, Le Son Du Placard, Folic State, Freddy Hetzinger, Oli Ver Sum, Mirko Antico, Johnny Witcher, Verv, Nelson Artek, Subtractive etc..

Metasploit produce on top notch labels like AlpaKa MuziK, Evil Flow, Subtrail, Bully Beatz, Anarkick, Vision 3, Music4Aliens, Point Zero.

Upcoming next releases: Subtrail, Ketoga, Point Zero, AlpaKa MuziK, Anarkick

Metasploit Labels: Ketoga (Comming Soon) Subtrail (Comming Soon) AlpaKa MuziK (Montreal, CAN) Evil Flow (Berlin, GER) Bully Beatz (ESP) Music4Aliens (Naples, ITA) Music4Clubbers (Naples, ITA) Anarkick (Amsterdam, NLD) Vision3 (Berlin, GER) Autist (Berlin, GER) Cyborg Crew (Sao Paulo, BRA) Miniatura (Buenos Aires, ARG) Numbolic (Zürich, CHE) Numbolic UNLTD (Zürich, CHE) Low Clinic (Buenos Aires, ARG) Labelton (Köln, GER) Doma (Barcelona, ESP), Soul Audio (Sao Paulo, BRA) Sowa Audio, (Mannheim, GER) Rectangular (Kiev, UKR)

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[DHRK SONIK] dhrk-sonik.net soundcloud.com/dark-sonik/sets







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