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Naiyarah AKA Naurah, born in 1997. One of the main reasons I started djing is because I used to seek refuge into music and this is the only way I could keep myself grounded. I have turned this refuge into my passion and started to learn about music in lockdown 2021. My journey began with Lockdown Records where I delivered my first set. The first time I have faced a crowd was in July 2021 and since then my journey has proven to be a fruitful one. I collaborated with Musicaholic for a live djing set on 3rd March 2022. Among the styles I have learnt and practiced: Techno, Psytrance, Downtempo, Dark Prog, are the ones much appreciated by most people. After trying many styles, I have finally adapted myself to Psytech which has always been my favourite. I was inspired by local artists like Kenzo, Mezzle and Jean Michel Rey! My life quote is : “Be liberal. Do what makes you happy and share music everywhere you go. Be musical and let your surroundings be as musical as you are. Music is an art and a language for me to better express myself through unspoken words. Never give up.

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