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NISH comes from Benoni Johannesburg.
His dad had exposed his elder brother and himself to good sound and helped him understand how important sound quality is and how great dance music sounds with quality sound from a
young age, this was always special to the bond they shared.

His humble attitude ,passion for dancing and love for eastern sounds influences his commitment as a Dj and influences his determination to be the Dj he wants to be and reach the
goals he desires in this musical path.

In 2020 NISH decided to embark on his musical journey as a Dj and started lessons at rise academy once he graduated he moved onto a mentorship programme with Dj Lady Lea and
followed on to training at club And in Johannesburg with Alex Leeu and Haley Illing.

NISH plays ethnic middle east progressive house music. Some of the instruments used in this genre may include cordophones,membranophones and
aerophones. The frequency that describes this music is resonant and bright with a heterophonic texture.

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