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Zhapa Rodríguez is the mind behind NOID.

Originally from Mexico City, visual artist and contemporary music lover, started his artistic studies at the age of seven, taking classical guitar
as his main instrument, and specializing in digital visual arts.

He is currently experimenting as a latin/jazz guitarist and works in the world of art and visual design.

The fusion of these two artistic branches are clearly represented in his way of creating music, the composition of specific themes in his tracks
glimpsing the synesthesia, creating scenes and leaving little subjectivity in each part of his songs, is one of the characteristics in the creative
process of NOID.

In a broad styles panorama, his music is an experimental fusion of sounds, adding diverse musically eclectic elements that range from Psychedelic,
Progressive, Techno and Minimal to Break Beats, Glitch & IDM, always accompanied by his passion for Jazz, Funk and Latin rhythms.

Also the use of the syncopation is one of the compositional strategies destined to break the regularity of the rhythm in his tracks, this is
an important influence on the music of NOID.






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