Deep Melodic Techno


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Deep Melodic Techno Mix – Osiris4 and DHRK Sonik Music Showcase_Mix

Jake Kaiser – Introspection
Gabriel Moraes, Rafael Cerato – Arkam
Genix – Rogue
Touchtalk – Shuffle
Weska – Love Arcade
Osiris4 – Neverland
Christian Smith, Drunken Kong – Hikari
PROFF – Obscure
Jamie Baggotts – Sacrifice ( Paul Hamilton Remix )
The YellowHeads – Titan
Tencode – Mira ( Sebastian Haas Remix )
Paul Hamilton – Ghost Protocol
Griffin Paisley – Peak Flow ( GMJ Remix)

Osiris4 is the techno project by Johnny Fehr from Zurich, Switzerland.
The Egyptian god Osiris represents the beyond and afterlife in Egyptian mythology.
This was the inspiration for the project Osiris4, because its tracks are characterized by a dark and deep atmosphere.
They take you to a journey from the here and now to the beyond – the world of Osiris.

Osiris4 has already released some tunes on labels like
Alula Tunes, Digital Diamonds, DMT rec and more will follow on Dolma rec, Fluctuat Rec., Subios and others.
He also did live performances at events like
Street Parade Zurich, Shankra Festival and One Love Festival,
just to name a few.

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