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Psilostatic is a Forest Psytrance project by Lahiru Randika, Born In Sri Lanka. He got into the Psytrance scene in the year 2012 and fell in love with the community.

His first psychedelic experience was with Forest Dark music and he got lost in these sounds and atmosphere, and After he started to do more research about this music.

Lahiru then moved to New Zealand in 2016 to settle down, Psilostatic also played in bigger platforms in NZ Such as Twisted Frequency Festival, Dimension Festival, Sonic Booms Festival, Yatra Festival, Omnishakthi Festival,Vortex Festival, and more.

Psilostatic got international bookings in Australia, such as Stomping Grouds Festival, Aurora Gathering, 3Dimension Festival, Earthning rythmics and many other bushdoofs.

Psilostatic Decided move to Europe in 2022, where he played events in Czech Republic such as Master of puppets warmup, Funny Moon Gathering Festival, Spirit Base Festival, Sunrice Festival, Futuristix(Hedonix),Psyna, Microcosmos and many more raves.
3DNA Festival (Hungury), We are in Space by Psylaska Tribe (Slovakia), and some events with Fractal Bandits Crew followed, where he found his Community in Europe, Glitch Space Gathering by Dmt Project(Albania)

Psilostatic takes you a jouney through Twisted Dark Forest Soundscapes, where everyone is connected as one. He is currently working with Yokshaa Records and releasing his first Compilation in August 2023 – a taste of Forest and Darkpsy. Atm working towards the goal to become a music producer!



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