Psychedelic Techno


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Quantaloop is the collaboration of two minds, Pasquale De Luca and Étienne Sarrazin.

Together they explore the concept of storytelling through the cyclic progression of dark techno.

Their mission is to bring the auditor into a different world staged by sensations of physical quantum traveling.

Elusive and twisted motives meet hypnotic ornamentation all surrounded by time morphing atmospheres.

All of this to pull the listener into their quantic orbit.

01-Double Cheese & D-Zaxe – Irish Coffee [AlpaKa MuziK]
02-Quantaloop – Little Voices in my Head [Soupherb Records]
03-Thomas Klipps (Remix) Quantaloop – Windmill Man [Techgnosis Records]
04-Le Son du Placard (Remix) Quantaloop – Siren Head [AlpaKa MuziK]
05-MYDA (Remix) Quantaloop – Windmill Man [Techgnosis Records]
06-Quantaloop (Remix) Electrypnose – Mhodalan [Techgnosis Records]
07-Tom Baker (Remix) Kase Kochen, Monotreme – Shiver [Stone Seed]
08-Quantaloop – Expanding Elephants [Zenon Records]
09-Kleiman – Omarm [AlpaKa MuziK]
10-Quantaloop – Alternative Views [Soupherb Records]
11-Stoertebeker (Remix) One Million Toys – Steady [Techgnosis Records]
12-Quantaloop – The Mask [Evil Flow]
13-Unreleased Jam Outro

Label Affiliations:

• Techgnosis Records
• AlpaKa MuziK
• Zenon Records
• Soupherb Records



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