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Erik Pech A.K.A RambaZamba. DJ/Producer and event manager born and raised in Celaya, Mexico, he has been commited with electronic music since his childhood.

Erik found his path of life at the end of a blasting club party at his city town, the dj released the last track of the night and he get the message that his life must be dedicated to explore and create music, at 2010 he take a music electronic music production course at the university of music G-Martellin mexico city after that in 2012 he been bulding a techno DJ career under the name of „Vantablack.“

In 2023 he decided to start with his final profesional goal in life wich is to produce and mix psytrance what is the most noble and sophisticated music to enjoy the trance statement, he said.

After many years of work and practice playing in many clubs and festivals around the globe, last summer 2023 he decided to stick to the plan and swaped from techno to psytrance music what always been his biggest love and release his main project „RambaZamba“ based mostly on zenonesque and dark & psychedelic progressive trance music.

RambaZamba loves dark and geometrical sound shapes, wrapped on spacey and metallic hipnotiq atmospheres whispering in the deep back, aggressive baselines and trippy vocals to take the audience into a dancing lucid dream inside a spaceship that travels among lost black holes. New tunes, dj sets and Events are upcoming stay tuned.

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