Dark Techno


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Reduzida, grewing up in a small town in northern Germany, he spent his spare time keeping him busy with everything related to music. After being attached to the local punkrock and hip hop scene, he did get quite attracted to Hamburg-rooted electronic dance music. According to this he started to evolve his own Djing / producing approach to the latter.

Becoming a vital player in hamburgian electronic underground, he joined forces along fellow musician Martin Gruen to get the Sinus party collective started at the notorious fundbureau venue, featuring international artists. 
Looking at this, it feels just right Reduzida emerged himself via his own music releases into the scene. So he released EP´s at „All About Plastic“ and „NixxNeues“, Indias famous label „Soupherb Records“, „Fragments“ from Buenos Aires and „Tlaloc“ from Mexico, including remixes by Breger, Calm Chor, Chaostrail, Insect Elektrika, Martin Gruen and Mogo.

In 2020 he started his own Label Sinus Recordings, together with his fellow
Renegat, featuring artists like Rausch&Metrik, Dinesh ( MAU ), The Badgers, Insect Elektrika, Kollektiv Fischmarkt, Joseph Disco, Reverse Osmosis.

Club references: Fundbureau, Hamburg / Hafenklang, Hamburg / Universum, Hamburg / Waagenbau, Hamburg / Rote Flora / Hamburg / Südpol, Hamburg / MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Bollwerk, Lübeck / Icarus, Lübeck / Stilbrvch, Göttingen / MS Treue, Bremen / Cross Club, Prague / Chapeau Rouge, Prague / Burg Schnabel, Berlin / Ritter Butzke, Berlin / Mensch Meier, Berlin / Kultstätte Keller, Berlin / Club Sams / Bielefeld

Played with: Breger, Ash Roy, Calm Chor, Nicorus, Insect Elektrika, Peter Groskreutz, Wahrlich & Carbon, Maksim Dark, Chaostrail, Manu Ferantini, Jens Lewandwowski, The Badgers, Brojanowski, Rausch & Metrik, Josephine Wedekind, DJ Lion, Mateo & Spirit
Falling Cows, Occer, Alex Cambrano, Audio:Punx, Asem Shama, Tunin Metha, Sportbrigade Sparwasser


Booking: kontakt@Sinus-hh.de



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