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Announcing the latest talent now representing Universal Tribe as another inspiring DJ from Germany. With a unique way of blending a fusion of sounds in a way that resonates deeply with our identity, inspiring new ideas for our ever-unfolding journey ahead.

A wanderer of the globe who’s always on the road exploring new countries and seeking different cultures, natural beauty and meeting the many interesting people that inhabit this wonderful planet. Deeply connected with mother nature and a way of recharging whilst drawing in new inspiration along the journey.

Lena started experimenting with psytrance and progressive styles for the first time 2015 and fell in love with the creative possibilities that were possible.

Also being a singer and songwriter inspired many ideas of how these two could be used in her own unique ways. With her love for a number of different types styles & genres she soon found herself deep within a very experimental phase of mixing a fusion of psy & tech elements with her vocals to form the sound of Rhabia.

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