Drum n Bass


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I had my first contact with electronic music in 1994. The enthusiasm for it has persisted to this day.
In 1997 I played in the old Jaz for the first time and since then I’ve actually played regularly in the hip clubs of Rostock (MAU, JAZ, PWH, Bunker, Zwischenbau, Stubnitz, Trafo, …).
Over the years there have of course been several appearances in other cities such as Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and at various open airs such as Fusion Festival, Festival of Friendship, Naturally Irre and and and.
From 2004 on I also dealt with drum and bass, because at that time techno had simply become too quiet for me and the crowd only went to minimal electro. I couldn’t do anything with that.
I’m more of the type who likes to freak out when partying and not fall asleep!
Fortunately, the tide turned at some point and sensible techno was produced again.
Since 2008 I have also organized various events myself. The best known of these is currently the DRM BSS in the PWH, which I have been organizing with a few friends for almost 4 years.
I don’t have a label that stands behind me and I don’t produce any music either.
For 21 years now, I’ve just wanted to hang up and have a nice party with friends

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