Minimal Techno

Sarah Lynn

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… deep, dark, minimalistic and a bit of psy!

If someone had said 10 years ago that electronic music would play a role in Sarah’s life, she probably would have laughed out loud. But as is often the case, things turned out differently than expected. Her musical journey took her to the Fusion Festival, where she unexpectedly stayed glued to the trance floor for four days. Various festival experiences followed, where she lost herself in music and dancing for hours. And because she always had a special devotion for music, she then at some point wondered what it might be like to create her own set. In 2019, she took her first steps and posted her first set online. And then there were these heart people who believed in her and persuaded her to play at their party. That was on 11/11/2019 – under a bridge in front of 100 people with masking tape and notes. One party turned into several and on New Year’s morning 2020 she played her first „real gig“ at the Odonien club in Cologne. That was about a year and a half ago now. Electronic music has since become a constant companion in her life, leading her to devote her free time to DJing and a technoid sea of noise. She has released podcasts on Ketoga, Subios Records and Tiefdruck. In the process, a style has taken hold that can be described as driving minimal with psychedelic cuts – „Goatechno“ in her words 😀
If you would ask her today where the journey should still go, she probably wouldn’t know what to answer. What she does know, however, is that this is a real affair of the heart, that she would never be willing to stop…

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