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The creatures of the night emerge and the forest floor begins to shake as Saru hits the decks with her signature style of dark psychedelia.

Obscure & funky, a cerebral blast from the cutting edge of sonic experimentation, telling stories through highly detailed and textured tracks, setting dancefloors on a wild ruckus of a ride.

Saru started her electronic music journey with techno until she discovered psytrance in 2012 at Boom Festival on an unexpected adventure in Portugal.

The level of immersiveness of the event made a big impression on her, and she decided to get involved with the scene once she was back in Montreal, Canada, where she was living at the time for her studies.

She delved deep into this microcosm, and a year and a half later bought her first CDJs and started practicing and playing at house parties and after parties until making her first formal gig in the fall of 2014, which led to many more in Montreal and around.

Since then she’s had the opportunity to play across North & South America, all over Europe (back to her roots) and some of the Asian and African continents.

Every new crowd and place feeling like an exciting learning experience and opportunity for connection, her love for the music has only been growing and refining ever since!


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