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Tune in:

Over the couple of years Sofus has been quietly making a name for himself as an outstanding live performer with a personal
and distinct sound making a profound experience for the listeners.

A veteran producer who lives for atmospheric industrial sound in the deep hypnotic techno genre.
Sofus music is an immersive experience in deep solid forward-moving crisp rhythms and grooves with layers of droney patterns trenched in psychedelic effects and
noise with bleeping synth lines and textures ingrained in the detailed sound-design.

Sofus is known for his skilfully live modular-synth performances where after 6 years living in Berlin he became an organic part of the thriving and inspiring techno scene.
This is music for dancing and reflection with the intention of a deep and profound experience both uplifting and deep which could resemble a modern shamanistic experience.

With his very delicate sense of presence he creates a strong and coherent live experience, where he tames the raw modular synth sounds to a unique expressiveness all with the purpose of inviting the listener in an immersive space pointing to challenge the consciousness and perception making an experience words cannot describe.

In the past years highlights was sets at prominent festivals as Modem in Croatia, Freqs of Nature in Germany, Boom in Portugal and in the Boilerroom Machines event.



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