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In a world of multiplicated electronic sounds and conditions, Simon Neumann and Janosch Wolf came together in 2008 to create the prog-psy-project Sonic Tickle.

Primarily they locate psytrance in subcultural spaces and structures, where visions, mind, and music seem to connect and effect in the most colorful and thrilling way.

In terms of psytrance as an extension of consciousness, they create powerful minimal progressive sound, flavored with mind-bending synthetic patterns and evolving psychotropic atmospheres. Their organic collage of sounds and tones guides listeners into a deep, stunning, and ecstatic world. Sonic adventures meet cryptic buildings of sound and catalyze rhythm in a frenzy and labyrinthine thoughts.

In 2011 Sonic Tickle shares its sounds with releases at Zenon, Occulta, Uroboros, and Glitchy Tonic Records. On their way through the subcultures, they wish to meet up with conscious people, open-minded structures and lively beings.

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