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Urklang is the Solo-Project of Fabian Kerschbaum, Music-Producer, Music-Coach, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Artist, Art-Therapist and DJ from Austria. Fabian, half Italian-half Austrian, born in 1982, is into Music since ever.

With 5 years he started playing guitar, later on Saxophon and other Instruments. With producing electronic music he started at age 20. His first DJ experiences he did with 16. Urklang is a journey through different psychedelic styles and sub-genres from the PsyTranceWorld.

The main character of his music is the storytelling, zenonesque and deep progressive style which he stands for and makes you travel through different spheres and emotions, through time and space, bringing ancient feelings echoed through different worlds, filled with organic melodies, psychedelic sounds mixed with glitchy moments and driving basslines.

URKLANG – Masters of Puppets 2023 LIVE-SET

1. Archetype
2. Native Circles (Universal Tribe Records)
3. Shifting Perceptions
4. One Unity (Universal Tribe Records)
5. Metamorphosis (Another Psyde Records)
6. Samsara (Universal Tribe Records)
7. Morphing (Universal Tribe Records)
8. Psy Kali Dance
9. Zoom Zen Soup
10. Inverted Dimensions
11. Inner Loop
12. Illusions (Zenon Records)
13. Ancient Echoes
14. Musica Hypnotica
15. Psyral Lifeforms
16. Alience Dance (Sentimony Records)
17. Dark Stepper
18. Urtanz
19. Psyrats
20. PsyKeyDailyc
21. Ethereal Release
22. Libertá
23. Dreamtrip
24. Permit A38
25. Foundation
26. Mystic Oscillations
27. Cosmic Heart

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