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Enrique Mejia born in Huauchinango Puebla on October 29, 2000, who from a very young age began with his passion for electronic music, who shortly after in 2016 began to play with Abel a beat.

First playing “Forest Music” at parties in places like Apan Hidalgo, Querétaro, and locally in Huauchinango Puebla and seeing that his passion grew more and more, he made the decision to start musical production in 2020, becoming known as “Escorpio”.

But that would change his vision when he delved into techno music and its hypnotic techno subgenres, Minimal Techno and Psytech. Seeing the improvement, he chose to identify himself as a person and artist, who, thanks to the support of his brother Abel A Beat, decided to change his stage name and call himself “Zipacyuhualle”, a word of Nahuatl origin, the language of the culture of his country, Mexico, what does “Armonic Darkness”.

Currently signed to major record labels like:

ADN MUTANT WORLD from Canada, AMW BLACK LABEL from Mexico, Deep Tech Lab from Nogales, Subtrail from India, Joker Black Label from Argentina and Emulsion Records from Mexico.



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