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In 1994 on the edge of the beautiful Westerwald, I came into contact with for the first time at the age of 13
the Technics 1210 MK2. My big brother got the PLayer from his vacation job
Bought savings and since then, I haven’t gotten away from it. Have the first records
we bought in Gie├čen in Downtown Records, where legends like Chris Liebing, Pascal Feos or also
Toni Rios grew up. I used the DJ name „Dj Bolek“ at the first parties
and then also clubs. In Kassel, in the legendary Stammheim, I have contact with Radio Micha
and since then have had regular guest appearances on the program Minimal City Radio.
What can I say, I’m still loyal to vinyl and the 1210s are still the old ones
my brother bought back then. Greetings Dominik Nocon.

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