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With an undeniable passion for music and an insatiable love for DJ’ing, London-based DJ High Potency has been packing out dancefloors since 2017.

Back in India (2017), after a string of playing parties and gigs at local clubs, with his precise mixing abilities and track selection he saw him very quickly become a regular fixture in the psychedelic industry.

Playing various styles of psychedelic music High Potency has shared stages with multiple international artists in the scenes at big festivals like Alien Universe, Freedom Blast, Symposium… and many more.

You feel him when you hear his music and you immediately understand the passion, love, and respect he has for music. His focus is always on the feeling and the realness of the music and its message.

High Potency is a part of Karmatec Records, an offshoot of 3rd Eye events, set sail in 2018 with a dedicated crew onboard and a mission to promote and showcase talent from India and the ever-growing psychedelic music culture across the planet.

In spite of it all, however, it is only one thing that audiences truly sense when they hear High Potency spin, it’s the force that keeps him constantly moving forward in a world immersed in stillness: the power of music.

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