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It’s time for the sixth edition of Mo:Dem Festival and in the year 2017. the biggest novelty is our new concept with three musical stages. Here we present you the sounds of The Hive. In the past editions, this stage was called Main. We consider that today it’s totally inappropriate to divide musical genres on ‚main‘ and ‚alternative‘. However new name doesn’t change the fact that The Hive is the nucleus of Mo:Dem Festival. The place where nature, art, creativity, technology and the spirits of the forest meet to create ultimate dance space. The Hive will host a wide range of top quality underground psychedelic artists from around the world delivering some of the finest sounds of the past and present, and showcasing some of the new fresh and unheard sounds of the future. In this podcast we share musical vision from representative of Costa Rican family; Massern.


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