Dark Techno


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Tune in: dhrk-sonik.net

mexCalito is a young, authentic as well as talented DJ and Producer.
When he is not performing he spends all his time at the second home – the studio.

He ́s living and breathing techno music and creates enthusiastically his own music stuff.
In the electronic music scene of Cologne and Koh Phangan mexCalito is a well-known and familiar name.

He walks through his life with a hedonistic lightness. A marvellous togetherness is essential
and also necessary for him.

He bubbles with energy and is an integral part in organizing parties. His sound is characterized by frisky
and rolling basses and a experimental hypnotic groove.

He takes the crowed on its tapestry of sounds and fabricate a sensational atmosphere.

His unique music style is a composition between Techno, Zenon, Minimal and a kind of haunting psychedelic groove.
Driving psycho synthy tones with bubbling and fizzy sounds arisen from another world and also a freakish
and impelling groove guarantee a physical experience on the journey…!

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