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@TechnicheSD Founder / Record Label Boss • DJ • Producer • Remyxer • Semi-Human Being

Constantly evolving and shifting as one of San Diego’s premier DJ Producers and Promoters, Myxzlplix has been at the centre of the California Techno and Tech House landscape for over three decades. Never content to stand still in a world of constantly changing influences, he has been determined to deliver music that is fresh, ground breaking and aimed at today’s audiences.

Experience is priceless in the DJ game, but applying that knowledge to a dance floor without resting on the laurels of days gone by is essential. Combined with all his work in broadcasting, journalism and as co-owner of Techniche, a multi-faceted media company reaching into the performance, recording, merchandising and broadcasting space, there is no doubt that Myxzlplix is leading the charge to new horizons in a way previously unimagined.

Standing at the helm of such a successful multinational company has been a journey that has taken many twists and turns, but it has always been his creative desire that has inspired him to take on new challenges. Initially working in the outlaw rave scene as part of the San Diego underground, he soon realised that he needed to evolve as a DJ if he wanted to become a cutting-edge artist who could inspire crowds to get up and dance. His burning entrepreneurial spirit soon propelled him forward and thus was born his brand of desert parties catering to thousands of ravers every weekend that became part of Californian folklore.

As his reputation grew, the clubs came calling, starting with his legendary weekly residency at the infamous “Hedonism”. Since that time, he has been a major feature on the Californian circuit which has also allowed him to perform under the alias “Moody Rudy”, giving him the chance to explore different genres including Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and more.

As a curator and broadcaster, he has shaped the tastes for Billboard Magazine, Giant Step and the internationally syndicated Global Subdivisions Radio Show. Always intent on showcasing the talents of new and emerging artists, it would not be long before he himself would step into the production studio, determined to transform all that acquired knowledge into his own unique sound.

Concentrating on Tech House and Techno, he has been released on Sunclock, Purespace, Evoked and Sound Vessel, with more tunes in the crate about to see the light of day. Complex, multi-layered with a driving beat underpinning everything he touches, his signature is writ large over his ever-growing catalogue of work.

That reputation is about to soar as Techniche brings more of his exciting brand of music to the global stage. Always to be celebrated as a champion of the scene, Myxzlplix is the name that brings that touch of excellence to the game. Join him on his journey and discover what the future sounds like.

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