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Skyle is a Dark, Bush and Deep Progressive project by Khavish H Seenundon born in the paradise island, Mauritius. During his teenage years, Khavish H Seenundon was aware of electronic music and had a great passion for it. But it was at his early twenties which he has heard something that really impressed him and it was Psytrance Music and then he was thrown into this amazing feeling and craved about it; it was at this moment this magical awakening for his journey towards Psychedelic Musics began with his stage name  Skyle.

He is mostly influenced for Dark, Bush and Deep Progressive. This story and evolution came from many researches of the varied sub-genres of many artists around the world especially releases on Zenon Records and Universal Tribe Records.

Subsequently, Skyle has been focusing on mastering his techniques baggage and enhances his tricks of creating storytelling journeys through his sets. By using his own baggage of mixing techniques and tricks to make you experienced a journey through both dark and light atmospheric with a faster rhythmic atmosphere.

From his versatile collection and worldwide inspirational producers he’s able to craft a set to fits both night and day time which he depicts his sets as BUSH DARK, DEEP PROGRESSIVE or DARK
PROGRESSIVE. Skyle is in quest and willing to start designing his own tracks

Music is at its essence to the sound of spirit. When created from the heart, with truth and pure intention, music is a spiritual expression of the most universal nature and the highest order.

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