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Tune in: dhrk-sonik.net

The Piper is the alter ego of Pied Piper Paul, Psytrance DJ who started back in ’94 in London, spinning vinyl of fresh Goatrance. Previously to this, he Djed 60-80’s music in N.Z in ’84 to ’86 at 21st’s, weddings and his local club.

Now under this alter ego moniker The Piper, he can play 4×4 beats of a more techno nature, still with a pinch of psychedelic and a sprinkle of acid. After so many years and world tours, big festivals all playing Psytrance, The Piper was looking for a new sound to champion, so back to his roots – techno (He was going out to Techno gigs in Melb‘ ’92 and London from ’92).

With the rising new sound of Psytechno, he found a music that excited and kept his passion burning. If you can come have a listen to a party popping, Dfloor mover groover, magic making, spell bounding Dj wizard of 30yrs, do so as he’s guaranteed to have you shaking your ASSets about!

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